Day 46 - A Day of Water {Shoreham by Sea + Swimming}

Today we wanted to take the sunshine by its you know what and enjoy it to the fullest extent. And enjoy we did by getting into water (Hazel's favourite thing behind Ben) not once, but TWICE! After a way-too-effing-early wake up at 4:30 AM {again!} we decided to go to the swimming pool to wear her out and ensure a solid nap, I mean to enjoy a splash around. It was possibly the most pleasant time taking her swimming I've ever experienced. She is normally obsessed with drinking the water then I have to tell her to stop and that makes her do it more and then we leave with me mad and her with a possible pool disease. Gah! Where does she get her strong willed sassy-ness from?!?! But today was a lovely break from public disciplining due to no purposeful water gulping. Maybe she loved that the pool was chalk full of kids today because all of Sussex decided to go to "family fun" at 10am. Or maybe she was just giving me a break so I actually bring her back. Who knows. But it was a blast. Then after her nap was the real treat. We went to the beach! My happy place! I tell you what, fresh sea air does a world of good on this old soul. I think we should have bought our house by the beach. Luckily Shoreham and other beaches are only about 20 minutes away. We walked though the town, bought snacks, had a little toddler meltdown then headed to more splash time by the shore. Hazel LOVED all the rocks to throw, the freezing water and endless carbs. All in all a happy splashy day in Hazel Land. Now lets hope this kid sleeps past 5 AM tomorrow morning or mama might just die.

ps. Can anyone inspect these images and tell me why our backs are ALWAYS in pain?

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