Day 44 - Mothering is a Thankless Job {said every mother on the planet}


Mothering is a thankless job, it seems. One that you don’t really realise until you have a little person requiring all the things from you at all times. At least that’s how it is for me.

Today Hazel was in nursery for the day so Nick and I were able to crank through a couple of to do projects on the house. Mostly messy things that we can’t do when there are little fingers trying to “help” us. After doing some deep cleaning and painting I wanted to get Hazel’s room vacuumed and reorganised. Which I’ve done a million times before (okay, not a milllllion). On this day as I was vacuuming I was thinking about how Hazel will not appreciate having a clean room and how she couldn’t care less about the state of the carpet or where her books are. At least she probably won't for a lot of years. I’m basing this on how many times during the day I pick up tiny objects and put them back into the toy box. At that moment I was struck with a sense of "motherness" (is that a word?). It’s hard to describe but I had some sort of feeling of the cycle of mothering. At that moment I felt gratitude for how many times my mom cleaned my room when I was a kid (literally something I have NEVER thought about before!). Like deep cleaned, not just picked up a stuffed animal or two. When I would go away for summer to visit my dad or go see my grandma for the weekend, I would always come home to a spotless bedroom. It was so lovely even then. Because you can imagine the difference between a mom cleaning a room and a kid cleaning the same room. There may have been a slight difference in quality. Although I doubt I ever acknowledged appreciation at the time. But I called her today to tell her about my epiphany. 

It got me thinking about the cycle of things in our lives and how often we may not acknowledge or think about how special something is until much later. 

What moment, big or tiny, gave you an aha in your life?

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