Day 6 - Seize the Moment

Well today was another travel day. aka I didn't have my camera out much and didn't make any winner photographs of the few that I did take where I was working with my usual back button focus theme. 

Although this isn't a person, I did make a lovely photograph of this. Hazel and I were on a walk around Topsham today to enjoy our last morning there. As we walked along the river by some homes bigger than a whole country we spotted a beautiful brick wall that was covered in ivy changing colors to welcome the new season. This wall looked as though it was hiding something magical behind it. Perhaps that's where England keeps it's sunshine hidden? The weather was lovely while we were there after all.

I packed all my gear with me on the walk hoping the estuary would be calm so I could get some pretty sailboat and cloud reflections. Since that didn't work out, this made for a nice surprise to seize the moment. I do love me some autumn colors and crunchy leaves. Nick and I are hoping to get a chance to shoot some in the forests over the next couple of weeks. 

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