Day 1 - Back Button Focus

Baby Hazel has had enough fun on the beach for one day.

Today begins the photography project. Dun dun dun... Currently today at this very second I am working on getting a new focusing method nailed down so it's second nature when I am shooting. It's called back button focus and it's a new technique to me. It is far from second nature on this day. But I've been doing it for the past couple of weeks or so and it is getting a little easier at each attempt. Honestly I would have said forget it by now, but evvvvvverrryyyyonnneeee that has mastered it, seems to love it. So I've put on my patient panties and I'm giving it a go. 

My subject of choice is the one and only very sassy Hazel Evelyn Dautlich. My almost 14 month old daughter. She is not an easy subject as she was born hating a lens in her face. Not ideal for a photographer, but she is pushing my skills to a new level. So for that I am grateful. And when I do actually get a good photograph of her, I LOVE it! And all the outtakes are usually pretty entertaining. Sometimes not at the moment of making millions of outtakes, but months later.

This photograph is day 1 in my journey of documenting my growth. It was actually taken yesterday, but don't tell anyone. It is Hazel on the beach with my husband. We had just had a wonderful and fun and lovely couple of hours playing in the water and the sand and licking rocks and drinking river water to maximize germ intake. This picture was made as we were packing up to go. Hazel had just had enough and she toppled over (she's just learning to walk) and laid down. The moment was funny for us, but for her I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of "yo, people. I've just had a very hard play and I. Am. Hungry. Hand over the milk!" 

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