Day 12 - Composition

I spent part of the day chasing Hazel around to get a picture of her for my personal project. I made a couple that were ok, but nothing I am thrilled with. We are staying in a rental at the moment and the light is very blah and dark so I'm finding it hard to feel inspired when my ISO is on 30 billion and my camera can't focus because it's too dark. After I'd called it a day and figured I had one or 2 (of the thousands) to choose from, little miss mischief maker helped me out with a photo present. As I was doing the dishes after dinner, she started to "help" me by pulling out dirty dishes and stacking them on the floor, rearranging the silverware (on the floor) and taking fake sips from the cups. She definitely keeps me entertained. I was able to work on photographing her through the doorway. I liked this composition because you can see her masterpiece on the floor and she clearly has no interest in me and is completely focused on her task at hand.

The other photos are the ones taken earlier. We got her a new little toy today when we were in town. It's a lobster that she can pull behind her on a string. She had a blast bringing it from one room to the next over and over and over and over and over. 

Also, I think I can confidently say that I have gotten back button focus down. I'm feeling good with my reactions and the fact that I'm not having to think about it as much. Yay! That really is something to celebrate!! 

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