Day 13 - High Contrast Light

We had another sunny day here in Chichester!! Big yay from the Dautlich Family! So after Hazel's nap we decided to make our way to the beach for Hazel's favorite activity: face planting in the sand!

I decided my goal for today would be to work on keeping a keen eye on how the high contrast light was affecting my photos and try to use it to my advantage. In this scenario I worked on emphasizing the ripples in the sand a few times. I also worked to keep my compositions minimal so the light could do its job on the textured sand. Several of these images from today are focused on strong lines and texture.

I also had to toss in the one where Hazel actually did do a face plant. These are the moments as a parent where sometimes I actually wonder if I need to stop and help her or if I can keep shooting. I guess there's a fine line there. Just to clarify, I did stop shooting after this photograph to help her get the sand off her face. Hopefully it didn't remove the entire layer of sunscreen that had just been applied. 

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