Day 14 - The Not So Happy Moments

Today we spent a good chunk of time in the car. Something Hazel loathes with all of her teeny tiny soul. Most of the time I end up sitting in the back seat with her to keep her company (try my hardest to entertain her and usually fail) despite my perpetual carsickness. Since we didn't do anything "fun" I decided that I'd take my camera with on our journey just in case something popped up. Well nothing did, but I took some (not my best ever) shots of her in the car and made the most of her crabby attitude. 

For some reason this kid eats or drinks milk non stop when she is bored, tired, stressed etc (basically anytime!). So this particular moment was in the middle of her asking for milk via sign language and me saying "no, you JUST had some" to her. She is not happy with me. But the funny thing is, we get this scrunched up little face looking at us a lot. It annoys me now but I know it's one of those things that I will look back on when she's off to university and wish she were in the back seat of the car whining about wanting milk. As much as some daily things get on my nerves I'm trying to embrace them for what they are and recognize it's part of what makes this great parenting journey such a ride.

This is one of the huge reasons that documentary style photography is so important to me and why I feel so passionate about creating photographs of all these little moments. They won't be with us forever and when they are gone we will miss even the most annoying things. Even though I'm only a couple of weeks into this 365 project, I'm so glad I'm capturing some of the beautiful mundane pictures of our everyday life. To me these are the moments I want to remember and cherish. I have no interest in photographs where my family is posing in a beautiful setting looking perfectly at the camera. That's just not us and those photographs, albeit beautiful at times, have zero meaning to the moments in our lives and the connection that we have as a family. I choose whiny back seat rides and the not so happy moments any day of the week!

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