Day 15 - Environmental

We had another travel day today. But it was much better. I think we may have figured out a good way for us to get from one place to the next to optimize our day. We arrived in Chalford today and will be here for four nights. It's an itty bitty village outside of Stroud, England with a terrifyingly narrow road to get to the house we are renting. The good thing is it has a little bakery at the end of the road that will be frequenting. Did someone mention cake!? I'm sure someone said cake.

After we arrived at the rental property we decided to go for a walk in the woods to check out the fall colors and scope for leaf drop. Part of our goal while here is to get some landscape fall shots of the tree colors changing. We both brought our cameras for a nice change, but mine was mostly pointed at Hazel. Since we were in such a lovely setting and outdoors my focus for today's images was to work on showing the environment around my sweet little subject. Most of my favorite shots were a little tighter, but I loved the colors of the leaves dusting the ground. I processed a good mix of color and black & white. The color ones really show off my environmental objective best, but they also make my child look a little free range and feral with her too big fleece and too small striped pants that don't match each other. And her shoes are a whole other story. The black & white processed images I did when I thought the color of Hazel's top was distracting from the light or something else I was trying to accentuate in the story.

Days like today are my favorite. Sunny, warmish, beautiful colors around and pleasant moods everywhere. I'm always so happy and grateful to be capturing these moments in our life that we will remember with such fondness. 

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