Day 18 - Amusement

Annoyingly I've missed a couple of days of posts. What can I do, hey? Life gets a bit busy from time to time. Just get back on track, I suppose. So here is day 18, two days removed.

Today we are in Eastbourne, England. It's a city by the sea that we've come to spend a week in. We went for a little jaunt around town in the sun and gale force winds to see some sights. I took some photographs by the sea and the pier, but I don't love any of them enough to post. So since my focus on environment didn't work out as planned, I changed my theme. I cheekily revised it as I was culling my images. Don't tell. The ones I ended up liking the most were taken in our rental flat with Hazel showing off her silly and mischievous personality. So today's focus (although unknown as they were being taken) was amusement

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