Day 19 - Moments I'll Miss

One of my favorite questions to people is "what is something about your {life, child, day to day etc.} that annoys you now, but you know you will miss someday?" 

One of my answers is "snacks". We have created the biggest monster in the world when it comes to snacks. This kid LOVES having a snack in her hand. She says about 30 words and half of them are food related. Aaaappppllleee is her favorite. She has this little snack pot with a so called non-spill lid (I bet to differ) that is in her other hand in the photo and we put things in it for her to dig out and eat/drop on the ground for us to step on. The amount of whining that happens until we cave and give her something is what drives me more nuts than anything. All in all, she's a pretty good kid. I mean, I wouldn't sell her off to the circus just yet or anything. But that noise she makes. Gah! So I thought it would be nice to capture an image of her that reminds me of what these days are like when we are in the car too long and she is whining to no end. Yes, she is in the front seat and yes the car is parked. It had just finished raining cats and dogs and we sat in the car with our snacks until it finished. I love her cute sweet little lips when she's chomping and happily on a snack. And more than anything I love the silence! 

In this photograph, she is in the front seat of the car looking up at Nick. I love that her smeary baby handprint is in the background on the window. It shows how naughty she is by jumping around the car to no end, but once a little bit of food is dangled in front of her, she is on her bottom. Ha!

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