Day 2 - Patience

Dramatic curves of a waterfall in Cornwall England

Already back to my landscape roots and it's only day 2! Today is our last full day in Cornwall England and I have been trying to get a photograph of the yummy details of this waterfall since I saw it about a month ago. Unfortunately the weather has been very Englandy or there's been a baby doing baby things (whining) or the tide hasn't been right to get onto the beach. So today I made it happen and we just went in the morning before the masses of people. 

As I was making this image I was feeling quite rushed. The tide was quickly coming in and I wasn't able to get the angle I wanted without my camera or me getting soaked so I had to change my plan. Something that is a norm in photography, but especially in photographing humans. Landscapes are a LOT more predictable and they don't tend to physically move around (other than the conditions). Human photography and landscape photography use very different parts of my brain and I'm still not used to the big checklist involved in transitioning my camera and my mind when I go from one to the other. So today I worked a bit on patience with myself. Not a technical skill, but something that comes in handy in most things in life and something I'm not always great at. I also was trying to take a landscape photo in more of my people style. Meaning I intentionally wanted it to be slightly more raw and dramatic/contrasty than my typically landscapes. It encompasses my general feeling of our month in Cornwall which has been rather moody and dark. 

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