Day 20 - Joy

Today Hazel and I took a little stroll to the beach for sunrise. Ok scratch that. We were way late for sunrise. It was beyond up by the time we got to the pier. I sprinted from our rental flat pushing her in her little umbrella stroller (not built for shock absorption or running) and carrying my ginormous camera pack with heavy tripod attached. I was a ball of sweat when we arrived. But it was fun. I think. I did manage to get us both down onto the beach with my superhuman strength. Hazel happily chomped on her snacks while I took a few landscape shots. But oh boy, as soon as those treats were gone the babe was mad. I quickly stopped my landscape project and let the gremlin out of the stroller to run around.

She is SO HAPPY when she gets filthy and dirty. I absolutely love that about this kid. I'm guessing most kids are like that, but I love that she embraces the dirt and rocks and water and sand and couldn't care less about being freezing cold because after all we are on a beach in England. So as she squealed and screeched I worked to make a photo that showed her joy

And just as a side note. The joy was gone when she had to get back in her stroller. A toddler tantrum resulted in her apple (aka my tool to get her home quietly) dropping in the wet sand and had her crying the entire way home. Also another sprint as she was freezing and I was listening to her cry. 

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