Day 22 - Everyday Activities

I've been trying to make this photo for quite some time. Hazel LOOOOOVES helping with the laundry (and the dishes!). And when I say helping, I mean she pulls everything out of the washer or dryer and strings them across the floor whether they are clean, dirty or other. I've seen her "help" so many times and turned to get my camera and she's moved on to another task by the time I am ready to shoot. Today was my day! She was so fascinated with the dryer today that she crawled in and out and played around it for several minutes giving me time to get her feet just right. I love the sock on the floor and that her feet are not quite touching the ground as well as the angle of her legs. 

Hazel and I are off on a big adventure tomorrow to Oregon. She is the worst traveler so I am full of anxiety about our journey. Wish me luck and I'll post more when we arrive (hopefully in 1 piece!).

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