Day 24 - Modification to the PLAN {Sussex Photographer}

Well. I am failing at my goal. Taking a photograph (and posting it!) everyday is not working out. Sooooo I think I will modify my goal so I don't feel like such garbage about my failure on a nightly basis. Ha! 

I am taking lots of photographs, although not every day. But I really don't have the time to sit and process them, write a post and publish them. I think what I'll do here is a weekly roundup of what I've done for that week and what my focus was. Good plan! 

Here's a handful of images from the last couple of weeks of little Hazel. Some are of our craft time, adventures in the woods, FaceTiming with my mom and opening days on our advent calendar (which she LOVES). 

In other news, I'm noodling on a post about making photographs with stories behind them. I will be working on talking more in detail about the stories behind the images I take, specifically of Hazel as she is my little muse with bundles of stories!

I've added a real client story to my site recently. You can read about a client experience and see some of their great photographs here. It was a great session and very fun to recap and write about.

If you're new to documentary style photography and want to learn more about what it is, you can check out my page here with some additional information.