Day 4 - Back Button Focus

I already missed a day! Gah! Good thing I was an overachiever once and posted 2 for day 2. We were traveling to our new accommodation yesterday and I got caught up in the hubbub of moving all of our crap from one location to another.

We are now in Topsham, England for a couple of days. It's a lovely little village just south of Exeter. We had a chance to walk around the quay and high street today and I busted out my camera at the park and in the flat to practice more back button focus. My goal is for this tricky little change to become second nature. Not there yet, but heading in the right direction for sure. It's definitely going much better than the first day. So yay for that!

I am also happy to say that I think these 2 images are my new all time favorite photographs that I've ever made. It sums up how my husband and I feel every single day with this very busy little person absorbing all of our energy. TIRED. TIRED. TIRED. It cracks me up that she was unaware that Nick was asleep on the sofa and just kept flinging her clothes around the flat. When she noticed him, she toddled over and gave him a big kiss before swatting him on the face. This is why I make photographs of families and their special moments. They mean everything!

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April Dautlich