Day 5 - Minimalism

Along with continuing my daily efforts on becoming fluent in the ways of back button focus, today I spent some time considering composition and adding a minimal element to what I was making. I love minimal shots that are a little cheeky and interesting, so I incorporated that into my daily shoot session today. 

I've actually included 2 photographs. One of them was in my roll from yesterday that I thought I'd include just because I like it and it applies to todays theme. Todays image is Hazel with a half of a nesting doll on her head. For some reason she likes to put blocks and random things on her head from time to time and it makes me chuckle. Yesterday's image is the chubby baby hand grabbing the tennis ball on the grass.

I think both images work well in color which is fun because I've been leaning more toward black and white lately. Maybe it has to do with my mood? Hmm.

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