Day 50 - How Short Is A Mini Holiday?

It’s a regular Sunday for us here in Hurstpierpoint. Except that Hazel SLEPT IN until the magic hour of 6:26. That’s right, in our world THAT is our qualification of magic these days. Life is hard with a “tricky sleeper” as we call her. We didn’t have any plans or an agenda for the day so we decided to go the seafront after breakfast. My happy place in case you didn’t know. We got packed up meaning changes of clothes for the potty training one as well as snacks for when hunger strikes. 

As we were in the car headed south, Nick mentioned that he felt like we were going on holiday. I ruffled my brow in disagreement. I usually pack more than one pair of spare knickers for Hazel when we go on holiday. But as we walked along the waterfront, tossed rocks in the ocean and had a cappuccino in the sunshine I also got the sense that we were on a mini holiday. Maybe because all three of us were in a good mood. Even the short person. Apparently having a wake up time after 6 am is good for everyone. And so is a 2 hour holiday. We also met another lovely American transplant with a sweet little toddler and the girls shared a croissant and had a cuddle. Ah to be little.

What makes you feel like you are on a mini holiday?