Day 8 - Back Button Focus

Today was one of those days. I feel like I was busy busy busy and still accomplished nothing. Honestly my heart and mind was not on taking photographs today so I only took a total of about 12 shots. And I was really just doing it because I knew I needed a picture to post here. So the good news is 1) I took a few pictures 2) Two of them were alright (that makes a much better ratio of winners than my usual 0.000000009% and 3) I did manage to get my landscape photography website somewhat updated. Although there are still a lot of photographs to add to the site, it was a good chunk of what had been on my to do list for a looooong time.

So I am still working on back button focus and it was no different today. Actually, the keys of the BW image are what is in focus and that was not intended even though I don't mind that being the focal point. I also liked the light pouring into the room at this time of the day. It made for some beautiful light on the babe and just the right amount of contrast around.