Day 9 - Back Button Focus

Today we spent a few more hours with Hazel's abuela. It's always nice to get a chance to take photographs of Hazel with other people that she loves instead of making Nick look like a single dad all the time. Ha! I'm continuing my work with back button focus to get faster at using this focusing technique. I think it's going quite well although I'm not at "second nature" with it yet. I feel grateful to have a very fast and very busy person to practice on daily.

We are heading to Chichester tomorrow to spend a week there checking out the town. I am excited to see it. We spent a few nights there over New Year's last year and I remember it being quite nice. Although we had a 5 month old at the time so little sleep was had. Nick and I were just talking today about how that was where she rolled over onto her belly for the first time when she was sleeping so we had to go cold turkey without a swaddle. It was a difficult albeit fast transition. Needless to say we will not be staying in the same rental we had then. I'm sure we wouldn't be welcomed back with open arms.

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