Day 42 - Gratitude

Nick looking out the window after Hazel was sedated and resting on the breathing machine.

Gratitude: A word that means even more to me now. 

Hazel has been unwell for the past couple of weeks with a cold. It took a turn for the worse last weekend and we took a visit to the doctor after she woke up with a fever. Long story short, after four visits to the doctor and the emergency hospital, Hazel was admitted with a chest infection that turned out to be pneumonia in both lungs. 

I can’t think of anything more agonising and horrible than seeing your tiny (or not so tiny) baby feeling so ill, being poked and prodded with needles and having tubes unwillingly inserted into their body. The feeling of helplessness ran rampant while we were there. Nick and I were both happy with the care she was receiving and the doctors were great, but it’s not a position we’d like to be in again if we have the choice. As we paced the room and sat next to her we talked a bit about how grateful we felt that she is usually so healthy and energetic. We felt grateful that we have the opportunity to struggle with her strong personality about changing her nappy and brushing her teeth every day. We definitely felt a lot more appreciation for how lucky we are that she has her health. A lot of people don’t get that chance with their babes or are in much worse situations than we were and we never even thought about it until being plunked in the middle of a children’s high dependency ward. It’s a scary and emotional place for a lot of people every single day.

One of the things the nurses and doctors reiterated often was how quickly kids can go downhill with illnesses, but they can also snap back just as fast. We were so fortunate for that to be the case for us. After just a couple of days (which happened to feel like a couple of months), we were discharged. We are home now and Hazel is heading in the right direction although I’m sure she’ll be recovering from her cough and snotty nose for some time. 

I photographed this difficult time because it’s important to remember the feelings we felt while we were there. It’s important to reflect on how fortunate we are as a healthy family and to show gratitude for what we have. Looking at these photos puts me right back to those terrible moments and I will cherish the reminder to appreciate how lucky we are.

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