Day 25 - Reigniting Goals for 2018 {Sussex Photographer}

See ya 2017! Adios, goodbye, peace out. I'm personally glad to be starting a fresh new year full of new ambitions, goals and dreams. Happy New Year to everyone! 

While 2017 was coming to a close, many photographers that I know posted some incredible recaps of their successful years, some lovely highlights and some gorgeous 365 photo blog recaps. I was truly inspired by so many talented and driven photographers and it gave me a little gusto to pick back up on my 365 project. I will likely not post daily as it is hard enough to take the photos, much less process and post them. BUT I will make a much more concerted effort to shoot every day. 

We have been in a transitional state for some time and our house is not our home at the moment. It's tiny, dark and not ideal for photographs. As we continue to hunt for a house, I will make an effort to make the best of our situation and focus on what I can instead of what I can't control. Bring on the details, is what I am saying! 

This is a short series of photos taken at over the New Year while we were staying with family. Hazel is OBSESSED with her shoes. Well any shoes, actually. But she loves putting her wellies on by herself and clomping around in a proud way. Sometimes they are actually on the correct foot! Not on this day though. And I found it funny so I wanted to show off the toddler side of this behavior. And a photo of her frustration with trying to get a boot on or off. We don't have a shortage of winging in our house.

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