Day 27 - New Vocabulary {Sussex Photographer}

The new vocabulary words are starting to pour out of this kiddos mouth daily. Sometimes she just repeats a word we say (we have to keep those 4 letter ones to ourselves!) without really grasping the meaning and on special days she will say a word knowing exactly the meaning. It's such a magical time to witness! 

This morning after a VERY VERY early wakeup at 4:45 AM (WTH?!!) we were playing in the living room. Sometime well before breakfast she started squawking cheese, cheese, cheese (which sounds more like sheesh) and ran to the fridge to pull out a block of cheese and bring it to me hoping for a snack. For some reason most of her new words are food related. Nats = Snack. We hear that one A LOT. Uhties = Oaties. Latta = Water. Bite is pretty close to bite. It's all very amusing.

But new the last few days is the word I've been dreading and one that is far from amusing. No (pronounced "nah") is now a part of Hazel's regular vocabulary. Insert eye roll from me. Hazel, let's change your nappy. Nah. Hazel, let's wash your face. Nah. Hazel are you ready for your nap? Nah. You get the picture. Nah is spoken frequently. It's a good thing her voice is just too cute for words.

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