Day 28 - Ben & Jerry {Sussex Photographer}

Meet Ben & Jerry. Hazel's two lovies (is this loveys or lovies?? It's already a made up word!) They are never very far away from her. Except for when we lose them and are panicking at nap or bed time. Ben is a scraggly little thing that looks like a malnourished flying squirrel and Jerry is a teeny tiny blanket with the head of an undetermined animal attached to it. Both are referred to as Ben by Hazel and she in fact loves the real Ben more than Jerry. As much as Nick and I try to keep them in her crib so we don't have to sprint through the house searching high and low for these creatures before bed time, it never happens. She refuses to leave her room in the morning without them. She will shout "Ben, Ben, Ben" until we bring them with us. And then they will promptly get thrown to the floor as soon as she is close enough to the fridge to pull out her milk. She's a gal with priorities!

I am dreading the day one of them is actually lost. I really have no idea what we would do. Probably all just curl up in a ball and die. If we were smart we would order another Ben from the mass produced store that he came from. But we're not smart. In fact, if we were smart, smart, smart, we would wash him on occasion to remove a few of the billions of germs that reside in his limp little fabric body. 

I've been wanting to incorporate them into a photograph of Hazel for some time and today presented itself. It's not perfect since you can't really see what they are, but I like that they are crunched into their usual ball stance while Hazel plays with something else. This photo will preserve my memory of these silly little comfort creatures of hers that allow her to fall asleep happily. 

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