Day 29 - Milky Milky {Sussex Family Photographer}

Milky milky. This kid is addicted to her bottle. I keep wondering if she's going to go to university with it squirreled away in her school bag. One of our goals (ok, my goal) for sooner than later is to move to a tippy cup. We tried it once before and it went over like a kick to the head. So we gave in and went back to the bottle. Problem is we only have ONE nipple and bottle top left so if it ever gets lost she'll be going cold turkey style.

I haven't been able to commit to putting us all through misery for a few days until she grieves the loss of her comfort sucker. She never got into using a paci so I guess I don't feel sooooo bad that we are ruining her. I mean how bad can a couple of bottles a day be. If you're a dentist, you don't have to answer that. Anyway, she's been putting us through the ringer with the 18 month sleep regression so I can't bear any.more.crying. at the moment. 

Hopefully this will be one of the last ever photographs of her with a bottle in her gob, however. Wish us luck and cheer on the tippy cup!

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