Day 30 - A Perfect Storm {Sussex Family Photographer}

Hazel cuddles with dada. An infrequent activity.
Nick and Hazel laugh together on the sofa in Haywards Heath.

Little Hazel isn't much of a cuddler. She's very affectionate and loves kisses and sometimes hugs but they typically last a fraction of a second and then she's off again. 

We've had a perfect storm of toddlering lately. Teething, 18mo sleep regression, lots of developments AND a new cough that hurts her throat. It's been a hard 2 weeks for us and now she is sick. Poor little muffin buns. BUT the only thing that I do love when she is sick is how snuggly and cuddly she is for more than 1 second. It's terrible of me. I would never wish sickness on her, but I do love me a good baby snuggle. So I will just appreciate them when I get them.

We had a fun day today even though she was under the weather and had a good giggle. These are the days that are so wonderful and worth recording and remembering! 

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