Day 32 - We Love to EAT {Sussex Family Photographer}

Opa feeds Hazel breakfast
Hazel watches her cousins eat lunch
Hazel eats dinner with papa
Hazel eats a snack

Hazel likes to eat. A.LOT. Food can stop her from whining in her tracks. It's seriously magic. I've mentioned it before, but we really have created a little monster. A monster of food, that is. I love that she will (for now) eat green things. She mostly likes broccoli, beans, Brussel sprouts and avocado is like the golden goblet. I think she is on the cusp of becoming a little more picky so I thought it would be a good idea to get some evidence of her eating greenery while I can. Although, avocado at the subject was hardly difficult. Kale would have probably impressed a lot more people. Including myself. 

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Hazel eats avocado