Day 36 - We're Busy Hiding {Sussex Family Photographer}

Hazel is hiding under a blanket from the mice in the house

It turns out that our temporary house we've moved into is actually a mouse house. Not like the cute little sweet mice we read about in our children's stories all day long. Like yucky mousey mice that come out at night and eat the food in the kitchen and poo on things. Ga-ross! We caught 5 {F.I.V.E!} little mice in humane traps and let them out at the back of the property to go find another house to visit. But sadly it wasn't a small family like we hoped. They are coming in as fast as they can with the cold weather so we called a pest company to come help us. Until they are gone, we're hiding from the little mice (and spending a lot of time cleaning a rental). Nice deal for the owners of the house though. Go on holiday, rent house out at top price and have occupants deal with mice and spend everyday cleaning instead of working. Check and check. 

While not all days are happy and fun, it's still good to remember them. I know that somedayyyyy we'll look back at our dirty mousey yoga house and laugh that we survived. The only way we'll remember it is through photographs. So here's to cleaning someone else's house! Cheers!

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