Day 37 - 18 Months YOUNG! {Sussex Family Photographer}

18 months young! I can't believe that it's Hazel's 18 month milestone. We are pretty happy that we've all survived to this day. So many of them are still touch and go. Does that ever end?! 

We spent yesterday enjoying our first toddler sickness of vomiting and belly aches all day. Hopefully nothing to do with the mice. We have experienced a few sicknesses prior to this, but I've not been barfed on until this day. I'm not talking about baby spit up here. I'm talking full on p.u.k.e. on everything. But hey, we made it. And things are looking up. Just look at this happy giggly silly girl loving on her dada and her favorite little grey bunny. Nothing can make you feel better than a little hide and seek with a lovey!

18 months is a milestone indeed. It's staggering how quickly the language and understanding are coming along. I feel like I can see her brain working and connecting. I've been making little voice recordings of her saying words here and there over the last several weeks and it's amazing to hear her speaking much clearer in such a short time. Butterfly was nearly inaudible a month ago, and now... Wow! I love listening back at those with her next to me. She'll say the words along with her recording and it's hilarious. Actually, when we were doing this last night she just said "no" to most of the words. Such a turkey.

Things are hard and transitional for us at the moment, but I'm trying hard to relish all of these little details in life. They are the ones that matter and the ones to cherish. Photographs help because seeing her sweet little face laughing makes everything else, all the blah, just not matter. 

Documentary style photography captures these special little moments of our day to day that would otherwise be lost in life's chaos. Capture those moments, folks! When they're gone, they're gone! And you can't get them back.

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