Day 38 - Please + Thank You {Sussex Family Photographer}

Hazel standing at door

As I talked about in my last post about Hazel turning 18 months young, she is starting to say A LOT of new words. I feel like this is all I talk about. But it's mind blowing to me at the moment. We've started to work on her saying please and thank you since she's busy adding words to her vocabulary anyway. Why not throw in a couple of manners. She's figured out that please gets her food, so she's REALLY GOOD at using that one. What cracks me up is how she says it. It ends up being more of a head tilted, eyelash batting type of word. She's going to go far in life, this little one. 

Buuuuut there are the times that she doesn't get what she wants. Like the door to be opened so she can go get into the bath early (as pictured). And then she turns into a weepy mess. It is funny to me and I feel like part of my job as a good parent is to document ALL of the stages of her childhood, not just the happy good ones full of laughter. How else do you make a child well rounded than to show them pictures of them being whiny toddlers? I'm sure there are plenty of other ways, but as a photographer I need visual proof! So in turn she'll get a good visual on what it was like to raise her. Hard effing work. I mean full of unicorns of fairies. 

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