Day 39 - Sheep. Sheep. Sheep. {Sussex Family Photographer}

Sheep in the field during golden hour.
Hazel in the sheep field playing with dirt instead of being interested in the sheep.

Since we moved into our temporary mouse house digs, Hazel has been obsessed with the sheep in the field across the street. She talks about sheep all day. At night when it's dark out she wants to see the sheep. In the morning when we wake up and it's still dark out, she wants to see the sheep. Sheep. Sheep. Sheep. There is no shortage of sheep talk and pointing out the window. The sheep in the field are not visible from the street and there isn't a path to see them. There is a huge hedge along the road making them only visible from our top floor bedroom window. Since we aren't able to walk to these exact sheep, we decided to take a country stroll to see if we could find any other sheep. Just up the busy road from where our house is, there is a little land with a public footpath. We headed that way as there are fields and bound to be animals of some sort around. As I entered the field, there were So. Many. Sheep. around glowing in the afternoon sunlight. It was so wonderful to see them. I was excited and anticipating a big squeal from Hazel followed by lots of pointing and saying bah on repeat when she saw them. But as she entered the field she had exactly zero interest in the sheep. None. Nada. Zilch. Hazel got annoyed that we were there and sat down to find some sticks and pinecones to play with. We didn't last long on our beautiful country walk as it was quite cold out and 'someone" wasn't as interested in being out as we'd hoped. But as soon as we left the field and found ourselves on the other side of the hedge and out of view from the sheep, what do you think she started talking about? Sheep. Gaahhhh! 

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