Day 40 - Butterflies & Eskimos

Hazel is dancing around the yoga studio with momma's scarf

Hazel loves to dance. And recently she's added butterfly and Eskimo kisses to her repertoire of loves. Her new routine before sleep is to say "eye" in order to request a gentle flutter of my eyelashes on her cheek then "nose" for a soft little nose kiss. Then eye, then nose, then eye. This goes on until I put her into her crib. Who ever would have known how funny these little babes are? Not me. But I'm glad I am finding out with my little person full of BIG personality. 

I also REALLY want to somehow make a photo of her getting or asking for butterfly kisses, but I'm guessing that will be impossible since I am always the picture taker. 

Luckily I can make pictures of these great moments for other people! Find out more here.

April DautlichComment