Day 47 - Practice What You Preach {making photos on days when you don't want to}

Nick is pulling Hazel's swimsuit up in the cold English Channel at Shoreham by Sea on a sunny day in June.

Today was a mental mind bender but I decided to make the decision to practice what I am always preaching... Taking photos of the hard days because they are just as important as the good, happy, rainbow filled, smily days.

Today was a pig. A write off. I was annoyed {maybe even a touch maaaad} at Nick this morning for being a giant turd. And Hazel has been teething like a mother-effer and is in the foulest of moods. Nonetheless we decided to get out of the house and take a family trip to the beach to enjoy the sun even if we were all a bit scratchy. Nick was probably hoping it would turn my frown upside down to be in my so called happy place (it worked). But as we were leaving the house I had an internal debate about bringing my camera. Part of me was thinking "no effing way do I feel like making any pictures today. I'm mad at these turds and I want to buy a one way ticket to someplace sunny, warm and beachy that has bottomless margaritas starting at 7am!" Then I thought to myself how I'm always writing that making pictures of the hard days and moments are so important and those are days that have just as much validity in our lives (and photos) as the happy one. They are the ones with stories we don't want to remember now, but we will in years to come. Because all the good + the shit are what makes up real life! I wanted to flip myself off, but I grabbed my camera while stepping out the door with my own words in my mind. I think I actually may have rolled my eyes and sighed in my own little toddler style tantrum.

I only took a handful of photos as I was focusing on being present & in the moment with Hazel. We had a good time getting freezing cold in the water and splashing in the mini waves. I really liked this image. Nick had just removed her soggy nappy and was pulling up her swimsuit. We decided to take a chance on her doing a poo in the English Channel (luckily she didn't). 

This photograph will remind me less of the beach and more of the day that she had her biggest tantrum to date. We both sat in shock and awe at the caliber of toddler crazy happening before our very eyes at dinner. Please tell me this is normal? Do all toddlers have massive meltdowns that can peel paint from the walls? Or are we doing something terribly wrong? 

So I leave you with some words of empowerment to bust that camera out and be proud to take photos of those hard days. They are crap at the time, but well worth documenting and recording for future blackmail, I mean memories. 

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