Day 41 - Snow Day!! {Ditchling, England}


It's a snow day in Dautlich-land! As we were tucking in to bed last night we saw how white it was getting outside. This morning when Hazel woke up (way too early) I entered her room by telling her it had snowed. She didn't know what that meant but seemed intrigued that I was excited. We showed her out the window and even though it was still dark (did I mention she woke up too early??) we could see the roof and ground covered in white.

After breakfast we bundled up and had a quick dash around the garden to play in the snow. But as you may have guessed, snow is quite cold. And that doesn't always mix well with a tiny tot or a big mama. So we touched a snowball, fell on the ground and called it a day.

But for the rest of the day Hazel would randomly say "snowing" and point outside. It is rather fun to see how excitable she can be about things we show enthusiasm for. 

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PS here are the sheep in the field across the street that we can see from our bedroom window and the ones that we talk about All.Day.Long. You can read about the sheep here if you missed that story.

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