Day Whatever Number (I've lost track!) - Jackpot

Dautlich Photography wake up song

Some days are kind of meh when it comes to taking pictures for my 365 photo project, some days are non-existent, some days are alright and some days, the few and far between ones are big ole jackpot days full of magical little moments that I'm so pleased I bothered to grab the camera for. Those are the days I live for! Today was on the cusp of jackpot. If you combine my photos with Nick's photos I'm sure it equals a big pot of happy gold. {And just to clarify, jackpot doesn't mean award winning photos. It means creating images that are authentic and real to us and are ones that I know will make me smile and laugh "someday" in the future. Although they usually have a pretty strong smile factor for me now.}

A pause in the music to have a little cuddle.

A short back story. Hazel has been waking up around 4:30 in the morning (5:15 on really great days) for quite some time. Yes, I want to die Yes, I drink 89 cups of coffee before 9 am. I'm on some weird and crazy time schedule, one that I detest, that makes me wonder why shops don't open until 9am or later? I'm ready for lunch by then! Anyway, in order for us try to regain some sanity and shift her wake ups a pinch (a LOT) later, we decided she is no longer allowed to sleep more than 2 hours for her nap. We are convinced she's making up for lost night sleep by over sleeping during the day resulting in parents that are ready to lose their shit. Soooo today Nick grabbed his guitar to serenade little Hazel to wake her up. The response could have gone either way. But she looooooved it! The joy on her sweet little face when she woke up was better than finding an actual unicorn. It was too dark in her bedroom to get decent photos and as I was opening the curtain is when she woke up, but I got a couple of images that I love and are so precious. 

After we got her up, we decided to go looking for the last little bit of England bluebells even though we were pretty sure we missed all the lush goodness. We hit up Nymans National Trust for a walk through the adjoining forest. It was Nick's turn to bring his camera to shoot and my turn to be on Hazel duty. Obviously, I still brought my camera. I'm not crazy. 

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On a side note, I ordered a whole bucket full of prints to finally get the wall galleries up in the house. They arrive this week and I'm ready to pee my pants with excitement to see the gorgeous fine art prints up on my walls!