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Storytelling portraits for families that value moments from their everyday life.

About April Dautlich | Documentary Storytelling Family Portrait Photographer | Sussex, UK

April Dautlich is a documentary style photographer specialising in day in the life family photography and in home sessions showing genuine, extraordinary moments from your beautiful everyday life.


This Is Me

Hello! As a documentary style family, baby and commercial photographer I get to present a story of peoples lives to them. It’s a beautiful, real, raw and sometimes emotional story. I love giving a family the gift of showing them just how incredible their everyday life is. Most clients say they never realised just how gorgeous their life is until they got to see it printed on paper. The level of love and appreciation for what they have is something they didn’t expect to come out of our portrait session.

My heart explodes with joy and fulfilment knowing that your children and your children’s children will look through your album and prints and see YOUR story of YOUR life exactly as it is now. They will laugh, smile or maybe even cry knowing just how precious those memories and images are. What I preserve for you matters for generations to come and I am beyond honoured and full of happiness knowing I get to make your story a lasting one.

I understand busy. I understand chaos. I understand how important it is to capture all the little moments of everyday before they slip away. Life is chaos. Life is wonderful. Life is what you make it. 

I invite you to join me for a day for a portrait session to tell your beautiful story!

The Photochronicle Project

The Photochronicle Project is a program I created to grant families with a parent or child dealing with a terminal illness an opportunity to have a day in their life documented in its current state. Photographs are a treasure. They are our children’s heritage to our life as it is now. They offer us the ability to recall tiny but priceless nuances in our lives. I offer the gift of a documentary photo session for families not able to afford this luxury in a time when holding on to their now is more important than ever. Get in touch with me here for more information about the Photochronicle Project.

The Mara family walks home from the coffee shop on a Saturday morning during their natural photo session.

This Is You

You DON'T feel the need to dress like your family or stand in a weird awkward pose while your toddler screams for a treat and tears their shirt off. You DON'T want a photograph that is staged or unnatural looking just so you can see what people look like wearing coordinating outfits. You already know you can see them every day. You're not interested in photos of your family so they will get the most likes on instagram. You might love getting lost in Pinterest, but you don’t feel the need to have a Pinterest perfect family photo. You want your family to look like your family.

You ARE amazing. Obviously. You have STYLE. You treasure all the little moments in your life from calm to chaos. You are head over heals IN LOVE with your family and the relationships you maintain. Memories and experiences are high on your priority list and having a photograph that reflects a genuine emotional connection is way more interesting to you than a staged portrait. You believe in the value of photographs as a way to cherish your real life memories.

If this sounds like you. You've just found your photographer. Get in touch here to get more information.

To see a couple of client stories that document a lovely visual on what you might expect from a photo session go here and here. If you'd like to find out more about what documentary style photography is, visit my photography style page

Contact me here for information on what a documentary session would look like for you.

Documentary Family Photographer


I occasionally look for models or test subjects when I want to try something new and exciting. If you'd like to be considered for a free photo session when I get a wild hair, you can get on my list here. Or head to my MODEL CALL PAGE to view current openings.

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