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Storytelling portraits for families that value moments from their everyday life.

The real stories behind some of the cherished & special images I've created

In the BEHIND THE PHOTO series of documentary images I share stories of what was happening when I made a photo or a series of photographs to help explain why an image has importance. 

These are the real life moments that have depth and meaning.

They are the ones that will be preserved and cherished.

The Glasses Thief

This is Hazel. And the small object in her slimy toddler hand is my glasses. The only way I can see anything. This little baby of mine. She is so cheeky, funny, cute, drooly, sassy and clever. And when she feels she isn't getting quite enough attention and she's within arms reach of my face (that is often!) she will snatch my glasses off of my head. It annoys me a LOT. But I've also been trying to find the humor in it as it is a common occurrence. She has gotten SO DARN FAST at it. Seriously, how can a 17 month old be so quick?! It's like a little game that she plays with herself to see how many times she can get them off my face and away from me before I sell her off. I mean before I can catch her. I think she's on her way to becoming a superhero of some weird sort and I'm envisioning her cape having a graphic pair of vintage glasses on the back. Ironically she has got eagle eye vision as far as Nick and I can tell. This kid can see a dog about 4 miles away, she points at the sky and says "plane" well before we notice a tiny speck flying through the air and she will most definitely tell you when she sees light. Any kind of light. The twinkly lights in our living room, a light over head, a stop light, the sun. The toddler force is strong with this one.

This day I was holding Hazel and for the 3,540,906 time she snatched my glasses off of me. This time she managed it while I was taking pictures of her so I was able to get a few of her playing with them on her head and then sprinting (if that's what you can call it) away. I liked this image the best. She was hiding behind the kitchen island as Nick was walking over to her to retrieve my eyes for me. As you can see, she hardly has any toys at all to play with, so entertaining herself with my vision is a constant must. Ha!

These are the images with a back story. The ones that have meaning and depth to me and will make me laugh and cry when I am older and my baby isn't a baby anymore. When I can't pick her up. When I can't chase her silly screaming toddler self around the house to tickle her and get my glasses back. When I can't pretend to eat her toes and give her tummy raspberries. I will remember her just as she is in a real and unposed way through documentary style photography. These photographs mean THE WORLD to me. There's more to portraits than smiling at the camera. There is a style of real life photography that captures meaning and depth and true moments. It's called documentary family photography and it's what I LOVE doing. 

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