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The real stories behind some of the cherished & special images I've created

In the BEHIND THE PHOTO series of documentary images I share stories of what was happening when I made a photo or a series of photographs to help explain why an image has importance. 

These are the real life moments that have depth and meaning.

They are the ones that will be preserved and cherished.

No More Water {in Sussex}!


"No more water. Not now. Later. I have to do the dishes first." Those are all things that poor Hazel hears all day long when she tries relentlessly to get a dining room chair to the sink so she can splash in the water and make a huge mess.

For the past several months, Hazel has been borderline obsessed with the sink and splashing in the water. Ever since she has been able to climb up onto a dining room chair by herself she can't get enough. She started figuring out how to move the chair to the sink and made her first solo climb when we were staying in Ditchling for a few weeks before we bought our house and moved to Hurstpierpoint. This babe L.O.V.E.S the water. And cups. And spoons. And making wet messes. I love that it brings her so much joy even though it creates such a mess and is way more wasteful than we'd like. 


I have been able to catch a couple of photos of her playing her water games where she would stand for hours if we let her. I don't know how long this little phase will last, but I'm so happy that I have a few documented pictures of these little moments.

The Behind the Photo series is so important and full of value for me personally. It was intended to share and document all the little meanings and moments behind a lot of the photographs I take that I want to remember about my life. Unfortunately, it's taken a back seat to my 365 project and that has taken a back seat to moving and getting settled in our new home and what seems like never-ending crazy chaos.

I am keeping high hopes that I will pop over to the Behind the Photo story area from time to time to add more. There are a lot of things that seem to fly by and transition in the little world of Hazel that I don't want to forget!

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