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The real stories behind some of the cherished & special images I've created

In the BEHIND THE PHOTO series of documentary images I share stories of what was happening when I made a photo or a series of photographs to help explain why an image has importance. 

These are the real life moments that have depth and meaning.

They are the ones that will be preserved and cherished.

Nick Naps!

To me this 4 photo series sums up parenthood. At least it sums up how Nick and I are managing the parenting process. This is my husband, Nick. Nick doesn’t nap. Nick is a cursed sleeper and hardly sleeps during the night. It’s unfortunate. Especially because he can’t nap. Well on this day he napped. He even snored (so I KNOW he was asleep even if it was only for 2 minutes). 

We had been traveling around England for some time staying in rental accommodation and this was our 300th place (approximately). We were visiting the little village of Topsham. Hazel hadn’t been sleeping brilliantly around this time. She has always been an early riser no matter what we do and on this day we got up especially early. I think the time on the clock may have started with a 4(!). The rental flat was on a busy intersection of the High Street, so it wasn’t quiet (nor was it very spacious) and Nick was woken up when Hazel screeched her first morning signs of life. After 56 cups of coffee, a walk around the village and a stop at the park for some play time we went back to the flat. At the time, I was working on getting the back button focus technique to be second nature so my camera was always within arms reach. Nick had been doing a little work at his make shift office space in the living room and I was crawling around taking photographs of Hazel playing.

As Hazel was making chaos around the flat I heard some heavy breathing turned into snores coming from the living room. I crawled back that direction and saw Nick dozing off on the sofa. It was such a great moment to KNOW the photo I was making was epic and telling OUR story. Then Hazel stomped through the room having no idea that “dada” was on the sofa sleeping or that I was crouched on the floor taking photographs of the two of them. I love that she was so involved in her own thing (tossing clothes around in this instance) and was completely unaware of us. She was so innocently creating chaos that she, and most toddlers, are experts at. The 4th image here is when she realized Nick was on the sofa and she toddled over to him to wake him up with a kiss. 

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