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The real stories behind some of the cherished & special images I've created

In the BEHIND THE PHOTO series of documentary images I share stories of what was happening when I made a photo or a series of photographs to help explain why an image has importance. 

These are the real life moments that have depth and meaning.

They are the ones that will be preserved and cherished.

The Refrigerator Wars

Hazel has a few things in common with her parents. One of the biggest being her LOVE of food. This kid is not a picky eater (hopefully that trait sticks around!). She loves pretty much anything including zucchini, quinoa, sauerkraut (gross!) and she has an especially strong affinity for blueberries. Anytime the refrigerator gets opened (in any house we’re in) you can bet Hazel will be shoving her way into it to pull out random items she can reach. At the house we are renting at the moment, she has figured out how to open the fridge and because it is an under counter unit, she can reach everything inside of it. Her go to items are the milk and blueberries. If Hazel ever toddles out of sight and is silent, you can bet she is quietly pulling things out of the refrigerator and trying to not get caught. I thought we had a while to go before the mischievous sneaking around kicked in, but apparently not. If you spend any time at our house, you will hear us say "Hazel, close the door" about 4,000 times a day. She will either blatantly ignore us or she'll look at us with a smirk as she reaches into the cold to pull out anything she can grab before we move her away. There may or may not be a lot of wine consumed in our household to cope.

This photograph is at my moms house in November during our visit. Hazel couldn’t open the doors herself as they are huuuuuge, but she was sure to get in the action when the doors were opened for her. This photo will always remind me of my silly little toddler who is mischievous ahead of her days.

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