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The real stories behind some of the cherished & special images I've created

In the BEHIND THE PHOTO series of documentary images I share stories of what was happening when I made a photo or a series of photographs to help explain why an image has importance. 

These are the real life moments that have depth and meaning.

They are the ones that will be preserved and cherished.

Roly Poly, Roly Poly, Up Up Up

Hazel is super into singing nursery rhymes right now. Her enthusiasm for them is the best. We can often hear her chanting parts of them to herself and doing some wiggles and jiggles along with her song. One of her favourites is the roly poly song. We sing it A LOT. We also happen to have an army of roly polys living around our house. We talk often about just saying hello to them and NOT squishing them or eating them or kissing them (this kid kisses evvvvverything. seriously.). 
The other day we saw a brave roly poly sauntering across the living room floor. These pictures are of Hazel investigating and talking to it before.... she squished it. Can’t win them all I guess. To be fair she didn't do it on purpose. Think Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Or was it George? 

Here are a couple of my favourite Hazel-isms in case you missed them:  The story of the sheep, sheep, sheep + Mothering is H.A.R.D stuff + Butterflies and Eskimos!

You can read some more behind the photo stories here to learn a bit more about photos with more meaning behind them and why they are just so great! I've also created a short FREE guide to help you take better pictures with your phone (that's actually helpful!). It's full of camera basics, composition guidelines and some processing tips. You can get your copy by entering your name and email address below!

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