7 Easy Steps to Start Mastering YOUR Moments


You looooove sentiment and you know pictures with meaning are what you're going to cherish in 15, 30 or 40 years from now. 

What are some of the best ways to keep those special moments close to your heart forever and be able to pass them on to your loves? Well I’m glad you asked!

  1. Take pictures & do it often. On your phone, with your digital camera, just take them. If you’re like me and you’re an obsessive maker of pictures, sort through them right away. Don’t wait until you feel like you need to print some or it ends up being a crazy overwhelming process. Make folders in your phone or on your computer of your fave pictures from that day or week and get them all ready in a spot where you can easily find them to print them. 

  2. Print things - big + small. Print 4x6’s often. Like weekly or monthly. Find a good quality (this IS IMPORTANT) printer, online or brick & mortar shop, that you like and get a system in place to print often. You will never regret this. And when you find an image that puts a huge smile on your face, print it for your wall and make it b.i.g. Make a point to smile every day at that image and recall the story behind it and enjoy that moment again and again.

  3. Make albums - there are too many easy options for this. I feel like nobody has any excuses to not be printing albums. Note : there are tons of crappy printers and crappy album makers mixed in with the good ones. Don’t pick a crappy one. Pick one you like and is decent quality for the money. You may have to shop around a bit to find one you like a lot, but it’s worth it. In America, I personally think Artifact Uprising is reasonable for the money and offers good quality album printing for day to day images. Shutterfly is crap and I wouldn’t even waste a 5er on a Groupon for their shit product. I haven’t explored the UK consumer market much yet so I can’t give any feedback on mainstream album printing yet. (I will update this when I do). As of now my efforts have been focused on professional printers here in the UK.

  4. Write things down or jot a short story on the back of an image. This is so important to the preservation process. Recently my mom and I were looking at old family photos that go back 30-50 years and some of them we just had no idea what was going on even though we were interested. Have you ever looked back on family images to reminisce or just look at your family and wish you knew the story? Do this for your future people. It can be as simple as noting the date, the people and their ages of who is in the image and what the memory it is that you are treasuring. Share why it's important that this photo exist in the world. I've made an easy peasy download template for you Memory Masters that want a no excuses method of keeping tabs on your legacy. Get it here!

  5. Keep a “box” of treasures. Some people call this a legacy box. Call it whatever makes you feel good about preserving your heritage. This can be a special place where those treasured 4x6 photos go. If you make a box instead of just a slip in photo album you can capture a more complete treasure chest of moments. It can include little bits like handwritten letters from special people, pieces of art made by your babe, little treasures that have a story etc. Obviously this doesn’t have to be a catch all for every pinecone your babe picks up on a nature walk, but this can be a culmination of childhood memories for your little one when they are older. If you have more than one kiddo, make one for each of them.

  6. Make little videos. These add another element of special. Even though you can’t print them and they have to be stored digitally, they still offer a lot to keeping special memories alive. I l.o.v.e. sitting down and looking back at the little videos I’ve taken of Hazel through the days, months and years. Hearing her sweet coo is just something you don’t get from a picture and they are worth recording. When Hazel was just weeks old I remember Nick and I would be so exhausted and we’d finally get her to sleep then we’d crawl into bed and watch the videos we’d made of her that day or week and crack up at how cute or silly she was. I think we were actually better at making little video clips on our phones than we were at taking pictures during the early days.

  7. Hire a photographer every year so everyone in the family is in the pictures and you get new wall art and a professional album to treasure. This is just as important as all the other items. Families generally have one person who is really good at taking the photos. It’s either mum or dad. And that means that person is rarely in the pictures. Having a set aside time to document the whole family together is so important to the preservation process for your children when they are older. They need pictures of those special moments with both parents and the whole family together. You also need pictures up on your walls with everyone in your family. Having a professional & beautiful album made each year in addition to the little daily ones makes up your complete story!

So go gettum, preservation master! Keep saving those moments!!

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Do you have other ways you like to hold on to all those moments so they are tangible for your future generations to enjoy and discover? If so, leave a comment below telling me what you do and why it's special to you.