Those Ordinary {magical} Days

Add them up and it equals life.

Mum, Sarah, chatting with her kids at the dining table while they have a snack.

Most days aren’t epic. Most days don’t consist of wild adventures or legendary stories. Most days have a familiar routine that can seem quite ordinary.

But what if that familiar ordinary routine was something that you valued? What if that familiar ordinary routine was special? What if it was so fantastically special that it was worth documenting to show the story of your life. Because life has a story worth recording and that story is made up of all the little ordinary days put together. Those typical days you feel like you’ll never forget because some version of that day happens all the time. But the vividness of today’s ordinary will inevitably disappear and tomorrow’s ordinary will be the new usual.

Sometimes the most ordinary days of today can be the most magical. Even if that magic is cleaning the kids rooms and purging unused items on the last day of winter holiday. Magic isn’t only found on the epic days. It’s found in the beautifully simple and ordinary days when you get to just BE with the ones you love.

This is the story of the Rogers family. Making the days they get to spend together count even if they are working on the holiday break to-do list.

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April Dautlich2 Comments