Cash Family & Maternity + Documentary Photo Session

This is the lovely Cash Family. Tony, Jill, Maddy and soon to be Steven. They had been working hard to fix up and sell their house for quite some time when we started talking about a family photography session. Once they sold their house they were going to buy and move into a caravan (!) while they search for their next property. You read that right! So. Awesome! And such an exciting time for them! I have so much curiosity and intrigue about an adventure having to do with a long stay in a caravan. My husband and I have casually looked at them several times to dream a little dream. Anyway, when Jill and I connected to schedule a session of this exciting and transitional time in their lives, they didn’t know where they would be in the process of moving and resettling on our session day. I was thrilled to see how their adventure was going to unfold and we decided we would determine the shoot location at the last minute. I have to say I was so hoping they would be settled in their new caravan. I was crafting so many thoughts and ideas about how I would photograph them in such a tiny space. The timing didn’t work out and they were more transitional than they hoped to be on our scheduled day so we routed ourselves to Rooster Rock State Park near the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. 

We arrived at the park for a late afternoon picnic, some play on the playground and a romp on the beach. The beach was an exciting addition, actually. The river level was exceptionally low from a dry summer and autumn which allowed us to walk much farther out onto the sand bank than anticipated. We had a chance to stroll, play, watch kite surfers and enjoy some family time. I loved spending a couple of hours out in nature with them doing an activity that is completely normal for them on a Sunday afternoon. I felt like I was just hanging out with them on any old weekend watching them do what they do.

Jill and Tony chatted while Maddy spent some time playing in the (freezing cold!) water and it brought me back to my childhood. It never seemed to matter where the water was or how cold it was, my feet or some body part was going to go in it. She walked through the lapping river bank, found some tiny fish and buried her cold feet in the sand. I was IN LOVE with her messy hair. Since I know Maddy hates having her hair brushed, I was excited to create some images of her reflecting that. The backlight from the sun was the perfect setting to capture that detail about her childhood. 

As we were making our way back to the car we walked through part of the path that was overgrown with long flowering chives. Or so we thought. Apparently they were actually swords waiting to be plucked for an impromptu sword fight! 

This was a dreamy family/maternity photo session on location. We had juicy afternoon sunlight in a beautiful Oregon setting. But those aren’t the only ingredients for a successful photo shoot. Luckily those were just the bonuses. I got to make dreamy, lovely photographs full of memories and personality of a family with so much love and adoration for each other. Capturing the true weekend moments of this time in their life was really special to them. One they will look back on with joy when they think about what 4 year old Maddy was like, what Jill’s second pregnancy was like and how life was for them just before the 4th addition to their family. 

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