Apostolov Family Documentary Photo Session {Dulwich, London, England}

The apostolov family on the sofa with 3 year old Lila jumping on the footstool.
Family in the kitchen. Lila is playing at the craft table while dad gently touches her head and mom and baby cleo are in the background.

The Apostolov Family Portrait Session : Documentary Style Storytelling

Here is the wonderfully lovely Apostolov Family! This is Theo, Kate, Lila and Cleo. It was little Cleo’s first Christmas, she was just about to turn 6 months young during our session. And it was the first Christmas full of magic for Lila. Theo and Kate were excited to have this special time documented for their family to have captured images to look back on later in life. We spent a day in their Dulwich house visiting, crafting, napping and snacking; a typical day for a household with littles. Lila loooooved showing me her things and as soon as I walked in the door, she enthusiastically pulled me over to show me their tree all decorated and beautiful for the season. 

Their home was full of love, joy and excitement for the days ahead. Kate is a supermom with all the little magic details she put into the holiday for Lila. They had a fun elf on the shelf, a magical fairy door with painted footsteps on the kitchen floor, a basket of Christmas books for the girls and stockings as big as Lila! 

Lila had the most amazing energy and I loved taking photos of her being a crazy 3 year old. She got used to me having a camera very quickly and settled in to being photographed like a champion. Sweet Cleo only took her eyes off of my camera to take a nap. I was able to get a lot of lovely portraits of her that showed off her pretty eyes and sweet facial expressions. It was a joy spending the day with Theo, Kate and girls. All of them relaxed so quickly and we enjoyed a mellow afternoon while I made some portraits of them in their natural environment. Here are some of my favorites from their session. 

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Lila is being silly and putting the Christmas stockings on her arms to entertain her sister Cleo.

"I have learned a lot about how special it is to capture moments rather than just what people look like. Our photos are individually beautiful, but also they tell a story as a whole about us. These photos will be treasured forever and I hope to show them to grandchildren in the future. They will remind us all of a special time, the beginning of our family with two little girls, the start of an adventure!" - KATE