Stohl Family + Infant Documentary Photo Session {Portland, Oregon}

The Stohl Family, baby Malen infant session

This is the beautiful Stohl family. Josh, Rachel and sweet baby Malen who had just turned 8 weeks young before our photo shoot. Rachel and Josh were in the throws of getting their routine down with their first little love. It was important for them to preserve some memories from this special (and exhausting) time. For anyone who has gone through the process of a new bundle, you know how quickly everything changes and just when you think you have something figured out it’s gone. I’m raising my hand as I write this. Infant sessions are very special to me to capture because I didn’t do enough documenting when my little Hazel was so small and I regret it. I let the tired get the best of me so I find it incredibly rewarding to photograph this special and irreplaceable time for other new mamas and dadas. 

We spent their session in Malen’s nursery surrounded by items that make up her daily routine. Nursing, burping, napping, tummy time and nappy changes to name a few. My take away from the Stohl family + infant photography session is just how much Josh and Rachel are enjoying and relishing all the moments of being new parents. The love in this house is intoxicating and oh so real.

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