Seeing IS Believing

Hazel's photo display in her newly decorated room.

I’ve been working on getting more prints up in our house since we moved in early March. It’s quite a project when you have nothing (seriously nothing) upon moving into a space. Over the past 3 years Nick and I have both gone through selling everything we own and immigrating countries. That process is NOT for the faint of heart. But that’s another story. As I slowly build up my print collection I’m trying to think of more creative ways to display our images than just in standard frames. 

I have a gorgeous wall gallery in the living room made from upcycled frames. All along I’ve wanted to have a little area for Hazel with 6x4 prints that are easy to swap out so she can look at them and see her family. She LOVES looking at the gallery on the wall and pointing out all those that make her little heart light up. She also loves seeing her sweet little face around our house and she points herself out often. I love that it gives her such a happy feeling to see not only her family but herself reflected in those images.

We are just now in the process (finally) of decorating her bedroom. For the record I did not want a pink room for her. I really wanted a pale dusty rose meets peach colour on her walls. Does that exist?! Well you only really find out if you spend the £2 to buy a test pot to paint a patch on the walls and actually see it dry. We did not splurge for that certainty and opted to throw caution to the wind. Lesson learned. Again. 

Anyway, during our morning bike ride adventures I’ve picked up a couple of sticks that I liked to make some creative picture hangers with. Here is the one that is residing in Hazel’s pink bedroom. 

Have you crafted any clever ways to hang or display your precious images? If so, tell me how.

April DautlichComment