The Moment Is Over

{Sussex Family Photography}

Nick is blowdrying Hazel’s wet hair before bedtime but is met with a very disagreeable toddler gremlin.

Tonight Hazel was a bit of a pickle. From the time we got home we could tell she was pretty tired and a bit on the extra saucy side. She fought us all the way through dinner and ended up eating about 8 raisins in total instead of her delish veggie stir fry. She refused any relaxing or book reading with me to try to calm her down… and the list goes on. We decided an early bed time was a good idea so we made our way up the stairs to start the trusty night routine. 

Hazel decided she wanted to shower with me instead of take a bath so I washed her hair while the opportunity was there. As soon as she got out of the tub I could tell it was going to be a doozy. We’ve had more than a few in the past, so they’re easy to spot now. She was in a mood. When I was around, she only wanted Nick. When Nick came in to try to help her, she only wanted me. Aggghhhh toddlers. 

She had a wet head and we needed to blow her hair dry before she went to bed. This doesn’t go well on good nights, I’ll add. So we both sat with her in the hallway while she giggled in hysterics at trying to run away. At one point she had crawled upside down on me so her legs and feet were over my shoulders and her head was near the floor. Nick was chuckling while blowdrying her hair, Hazel was laughing about being upside down, and mama… Well mama was not impressed with anything. At one point I looked up at Nick and said “well this is a photo if I ever saw one.” And it would have been amazing. Seriously. Amazing to capture that moment of parental exhaustion, bed time despair and FULL toddler gremlin crazy mode while dangling from my shoulders. It would have bottled up a very normal feeling for me. But alas, my camera was downstairs. 

As soon as Hazel slunk off of me to sprint away again, I got up and ran downstairs to grab my camera. But it was too late. The moment of complete crazy was over. I mean, there was plenty of crazy still. But THAT exact moment that would have really captured our true bedtime routine was gone. It’s one of those things that I will now have in the back of my head to try to be on top of should the moment present itself again. Otherwise it’s just gone and will live in some little dark cave in my memory.

What moments of your day, crazy or great, do you need to have documented so they don’t flutter away in the wind? What feelings about your normal everyday life right now do you think might be different in 6 months or a year that you should document and preserve? The good, the bad and the ugly are all valid and deserving of your most precious memories.

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