Self Care

Hazel is learning the art of yoga and meditation. Something we try to do on a semi-regular basis, but it has still not stuck in our normal routine. Aaaaannnnddd breathe in.

What do you do for a little “me” time?

I joined a group of amazing mamas this week at an event called Breakfast on the Slow that was hosted by Mums the Word Events and Dorset Cereal in Brighton at the Brighton Beach Club. It was hours of nourishing food and inspiring discussions about slowing down and being a better mum by taking the time for some self care and mindfulness. I had no idea what to expect for the morning. I just saw a few words that spoke to me like breakfast, yoga and wellness and took the opportunity to have a morning to myself which I’ve been dreaming about for nearly 3 years now. Clearly a bit overdue. 

I was totally energised by the discussions and I related to the conversations on an unexpected level. Many of the chats and wisdom nuggets from the talented mamas on the panel struck a cord with me and it was all I could do not to shout YES throughout the event. Aside from the self care portion, which I’m total shit at, I really resonated with their words about gratitude and appreciation.

Parenting is a struggle for everyone and hearing about other women’s challenges only makes me feel normal and relieved that I’m not actually doing it all wrong. But what felt SO GOOD was to hear all those little stories of love, appreciation and gratitude and feel even more connected to why I do what I do. 

Photographing and documenting family stories of honest reality, not fake smiles and complete BS, is my Why. It’s my contribution to helping other mamas feel normal. I don’t make posed photos, create forced smiles or show scenes that are untrue. I don’t care about how many likes your photos get on social media because your story isn’t about likes from others, it’s about savouring your moments and freezing your memories in a little time capsule. Your authentic story is magic, real and genuine. Your story already exists. It just needs my eyes to come to life on paper. 

Get in touch and we can talk about what your story looks like.