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During a recent session with the lovely Sarah Rogers, their family embraced the true meaning of an ordinary day by working on their holiday break to do list with some purging and organising (you can see their session here). While cleaning and sorting her daughter’s bedroom she mentioned a book by Marie Kondo and how it talked about discarding items that don’t make you feel joy and keeping items that do. I’d not heard of her (I think I might be the only one!) so we chatted about it for a minute then moved on to other things.

A couple of days later while perusing Netflix I saw a series called Tidying Up with Marie and recalled our conversation. In admitted boredom and lack of shows catching my interest, I queued up the first episode and watched 45 minutes about the ideas behind tidying ones house. Although I don’t feel like I need to watch the whole series, I did find her philosophy on tidying and on life very intriguing and relatable. It all boils down to what sparks joy for you. Sparks joy. I love that. A lot.

Think about the idea of sparking joy and what that means to you. And what that will mean to you in 5 or 10 years from now. Of course one of the things that I jump to first is the documentation of life and how much looking at photographs from now and from “then” (whenever that is), bring me so much joy and happiness. I feel it in my heart. I also see that same feeling in my daughter’s face when we look at pictures. She loooooves seeing photos of herself doing fun things and being with her favourite people. We talk about images often and I can tell it makes her feel good and important and valued seeing herself up on our walls and in our albums. There is so much joy sparking in our family photographs.

What does an ordinary day look like for you and does thinking about those days spark joy? It does for Charlotte and Dan. We got together just before Christmas to record an ordinary joy sparking day for them. Of course, they didn’t really recognise that it was a joy sparking day because it was just a regular day. A lovely one. It was a day of tea, play dough, chatting, hanging out, lunch, puzzles and giggles. A very magical simple time in their life was documented and when they saw the photographs, it was the definition of sparking joy. They immediately felt nostalgic at how little their nearly two year old baby is but how fast she is growing.

“I was surprised at just how unobtrusive our photo session was and how it felt like we had just got on with a very ordinary day. April has managed to captured a little piece of magic in what is our family’s version of ordinary. Some beauty in just being. The light, the emotion, the moment right now when our daughter is still so little. The photographs are so beautiful. April captured more than I thought she could. It’s like she has seen inside us and captured a bit of how we are feeling at the moment. Content, happy, in love.” -Charlotte

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