Ordinary BAM

Playing in the sun at Washbrooks Farm on the zipline just before Hazel’s first ever haircut.

Another ordinary day that seems like no big deal. But some of those little ordinary days are a bit more significant than others. Some of them go BAM. And they throw time right in your face like slime that you can’t get off.

It’s just a haircut. She’ll have hundreds more of them throughout her life. But with this little transformation appeared a visual reminder of how fast each little ordinary day slips by with the bat of an eye. And when you add up all the ordinary days an entire magical childhood morphs into a teen and then an adult.

Bye bye baby. Hello toddler. 

Your little days really ARE your big days. They’re the ones that lead to the milestones. And the ones that slip by without you even realising it. Those little days trick you into feeling like they’ll last a lifetime when really if you just turn around for a moment too long, they’re gone.

What ordinary significant moments are going on for you right now? Tell me about what’s making you feel all the feels and tug at your heartstrings.